Data-driven farming

Easy to interpret, actionable, data-driven suggestions

Data-driven farming

In-depth insight into your farm’s key metrics, 24/7

Data-driven farming

All key metrics of your farm at your fingertips, instantly

Data-driven farming

Easy to interpret, actionable, data-driven suggestions


The Status Quo

Many providers offer equipment for barns, however each system needs its own infrastructure. Correlation of data isn’t possible without manual engagement. The challenge is to get all of these device measurements into a single database and connect the information to provide in-depth understanding.

The Solution: centralized hardware & software

clevabit provides a simple, but extensible solution to aggregate all of the collected measurements and provide a deep understanding of correlations. To provide the highest level of insight, manual intervention is unnecessary. Data and solutions are presented to farmers directly to all their devices.

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The advantages at a glance

Saves Money

With clevabit, you can save a large margin of your farm’s operational cost. At the same time you increase your animal’s welfare.

Own Your Data

Your business.

Your livestock.

Your data!

User Friendly

Our solution is built from the ground up to deliver value from day one. The intuitive, easy setup and operation prevents high training costs or steep learning curves. Get productive right away.

Everything always & everywhere in view

100% mobile, available everywhere, everytime. Data-driven decision making, no matter where you are. Keep up to date on all things related to your livestock, whether they are on the field or in the barn.

Successful in use!

What our #ClevaPioneers say about us

  • Heinrich Wilkes

    „The best way to record data that is available on the market, much cheaper and I can find out about the condition of the stable climate before visiting the farmer. This innovative approach expands my consulting services enormously.“

  • Rolf Nathaus

    „For our software these are the ideal devices for data acquisition and we are sure to be able to implement many more interesting concepts with this flexible technology.“

Partners who share our vision